Desi Sarson Oil – 3Ltr


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daali sarson oil uses 100% desi sarson seed, unlike other commonly available ‘sarson’ oils which use taara meera, gobi sarson, toriya, rai and hybrid mustard seed. Daali sarson oil is pressed using a wooden oil-press in keeping with the local traditional method. The wooden oil-press preserves the oil’s nutritive value, which is significantly reduced in elecrietric oil presses that take the temperature of the oil so high that it is actually rendered toxic for human consumption.

Contrary to the popular misconception that sarson oil is only good for preparing achaar and cooking certain vegetables or fish, we have ascertained that in keeping with traditional practice, pure sarson oil has a neutral flavour no matter what is cooked in it, including meet curries.

Sarson oil has amongst the highest levels of mono unsaturated fatty acids and cooking in it halves the amount of oil required for any recipe.

Health Benefits:

  • strengthens muscles
  • reduces depression
  • improves appetite and vitality
  • relieves itching and sciatica
  • relieves rheumatic pain
  • is a diuretic ans anti-inflammatory
  • dispels flatulence and phlegm
  • de-worms
  • cleanses sthe intestines

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Desi Sarson Oil - 3Ltr

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