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Other Items

  • 150

    Health Benefits:

    Rich source of Lignans
    Aids digestion
    Helps with weight loss
    Boosts heart health
    Reduces cholesterol
    Lowers blood pressure

    Nutritional Information:

    1 tblsp (7gms) contains
    2gms polyunsaturated fatty acids
    2gms dietary fibre
    27 calories

    Additional information:
    Mix in your yogurt
    Blend into a smoothie
    Sprinkle over your salad

  • 150

    Health Benefits:

      • stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar
      • anti-diarrhoeal
      • relieves cough
      • thirst-quencher


  • 160

    Ground at slow speed to keep your aata cool and naturally rich in vitamins and mineral

  • 295

    Health Benefits: strenghtens the nervous system relieves asthma stabilises blood pressure alleviates migraine reduces risk of heart attack and stroke helps release energy from protein and carbohydrate  

  • 495

    Health Benefits:

    Chia Seeds are packed with:
    Vitamin A
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    Nutritional Information:
    1 ounce (2tblsp) is equivalent to
    135 calories
    5gsm protein
    12gms carbohydrates

    Additional Information:

    Encourages weight loss
    Results in stronger teeth and bones
    Lowers Cholesterol
    Decreases blood sugar levels
    Decreases chances of heart disease
    Helps in clearer skin
    Natural mood lifter

  • 550

    Health Benefits:

    • high in soluble fiber, lowers high blood cholesterol
    • contains vitamin B, iron, and magnesium
    • nuts and seeds provide unsaturated fats, vitamin E, B3, and zinc
    • when served with milk or yogurt it is a source of calcium and protein