New Arrival

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    Health Benefits Improves Digestion Helps Weight Loss Protects against gall stones Packed with selenium which enhances immune system functioning Prevents asthma Good source of antioxidants Helps manage diabetes Source of magnesium, niacin, copper & thiamine

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    Ground at slow speed to keep your aata cool and naturally rich in vitamins and mineral

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    Health Benefits: Rich source of Lignans Aids digestion Helps with weight loss Boosts heart health Reduces cholesterol Lowers blood pressure Nutritional Information: 1 tblsp (7gms) contains 2gms polyunsaturated fatty acids 2gms dietary fibre 27 calories Additional information: Mix in your yogurt Blend into a smoothie Sprinkle over your salad

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    Heirloom wheat variety (non-GMO)
    100% Naturally Grown
    Stone-ground at low speed to keep your Aata cool and naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

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    Health Benefits: Chia Seeds are packed with: Antioxidants Calcium Phosphorous Vitamin A Zinc Fibre Omega 3 Fatty Acids Protein Nutritional Information: 1 ounce (2tblsp) is equivalent to 135 calories 5gsm protein 12gms carbohydrates Additional Information: Encourages weight loss Results in stronger teeth and bones Lowers Cholesterol Decreases blood sugar levels…

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    Spice Pack Gurr Desi ghee Panjeeri Maroonday

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    Chia Seeds Gurr Granola Eucalyptus honey Muesli Desi ghee Panjeeri